Aliza Roth

Teaching Schedule: Substitute teacher.



Aliza Roth is a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher who began her yoga journey at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her Modern dance professor began warm-ups with sun salutations and chaturanga push-ups, and she immediately connected with the balance of strength and grace of the movements. She decided to explore this attraction and began taking class from teachers around the city. 

Aliza did her teacher training at Inner Fire Yoga, the Madison-based studio where she studied for 4 years. Her mentors there came from a variety of different backgrounds who have studied in the traditions of Iyengar, Sridaiva, Bikram and Baptiste. This eclectic mix of styles gave birth to the yoga that Aliza practices and teaches. 

As Aliza is a lifelong dancer, alignment and functional anatomy pervade her classes, coupled with the perspective that yoga looks and feels different on every individual. She often incorporates mindfulness-meditation practices into her classes based on breath and awareness. Her all-encompassing vinyasa-style teaching method allows room for self-exploration and personal growth. Aliza is excited to share her love and respect for yogic philosophy and practice with the TULA community.