Ashley Parker

Teaching Schedule: Substitute teacher.



Ashley is a recent transplant from the Northwest and has been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching for 6 years. She is excited to experience what it is like to freeze your eyelashes together in the winters of Chicago.

Ashley has completed a 200 HR RYT in 2012 with Mark Drost and Zeafea Samson in Buffalo, New York in the Bikram tradition. To expand her teaching, she completed a 200 Hour RYT with Sarahjoy Marsh in Portland, Oregon in 2015. Training with Sarahjoy opened Ashley's bookends for therapeutic uses of yoga in mental health, particularly how to be a trauma informed instructor. Her classes are anatomy focused, research-based, with opportunity for mental and physical self-experiments. She recently finished her BS in psychology and brings information about human nature and what it means to be engaged with life into all of her classes.

Ashley’s life consists of lots of different movement modalities. Her personal passion in anatomy and physiology has pushed her to explore rock climbing, martial arts, dance, strength-training and calisthenics. Name any form of movement, she probably likes it. You can expect to learn different muscles, bones and a bit of biomechanical engineering if you come to her class. The rest of the time she studies psychology, lifts weights, meditates for sanity, and thinks about research questions to answer one day in graduate school.

The greatest lesson Ashley has learned through teaching and living yoga: Chilling the F*** Out, letting go of the unrealistic ideals of perfection, and how to pass gas without a sound.