Giana Gambino

Teaching Schedule: Mondays at 5:15pm and Thursdays at 6:30pm.


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Giana Gambino is a yoga teacher, health coach, and arts administrator based in Chicago. Having discovered yoga at 17 years old as a method to boost her mood and find community, she continually turned to the practice throughout the next decade. While pursuing formal studies in the arts, yoga became the most important tool to help manage the stress and anxieties of graduate school and working in the non-profit art world. Giana fully recognizes the power of yoga to help facilitate healing and after 10 years as a dedicated student, pursued teacher training in Costa Rica in 2015. Focusing on Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga, she has cultivated a teaching style that is lighthearted yet technical, with emphasis on anatomy and alignment. She hopes students will walk away feeling grounded and have a better understanding of themselves. As an advocate for alternative and integrative approaches to health and wellness, Giana continued to grow her practice with a health coaching certification in 2016. She sees herself as a guide, helping others to facilitate their own healing while supporting them in doing so. With both yoga and health coaching, Giana believes in meeting students and clients where they are and building them up to make the often intimidating process more approachable

Giana is currently working on her 500 hour yoga certification with Janet Stone, focusing on bhakti, meditation and restorative yoga. She is teaching throughout Chicago, and works with clients one on one. Additionally, Giana currently works for the Chicago Park District programming theatre for Night Out in the Parks.