Nathan Paulus

Teaching Schedule:   Fridays at 10am.

Photo Credit:  Ashley LeTourneau

Photo Credit: Ashley LeTourneau

Nathan began practicing yoga in 2002 after completing a marathon and looking for different means of physical exploration.

What began as self-practice through an Iyengar book led him to his first teacher Gabriel Halpern. Having a less flexible body, the process of learning and developing the postures was an arduous journey. Nathan feels blessed because these obstacles fostered a methodical and concentrated approach to his own practice, which he seeks to share with his students. In his classes you can expect to explore postures in the mechanical sense as well as the subtle qualities developed through the vibration of intention, breath work and sequencing.

In Chicago he has studied primarily under Gabriel Halpern and Suddha Weixler. The approach of Rod Stryker also resonates in his teaching and practice." I think there is a yearning to remove a mask that exists between ourselves and our engagement with the process of living consciously. Yoga has been for me an ideal form for learning to fearlessly move inward to address the blockages and that can occur in all levels of being. That same inward revelation becomes a great means for outward projection and contentment in the current of daily living."