Jane Zanzig

Teaching Schedule: Substitute teacher.



I started practicing yoga in 2013 in Seattle at Shefayoga. Breathing hasn’t always come easily to me, and yoga gave me tools to understand the way asthma and anxiety affect my body and my mind. The ability to interrupt that psychosomatic cycle has had powerful effects, and it started to become easy for me to practice every day for 30 days, or to wake up for 6 AM classes, because it seemed to make everything else in my life better. When I moved to Chicago in 2015, I was drawn to Tula because of the studio’s dedication to community, both within the studio and within the greater Logan Square neighborhood. I was proud to be a part of the first cohort of Tula teacher trainees in the fall of 2016, completing my RYT-200 certification.

In my day job, I’m a data scientist, but I always seem to come back to teaching, and I’ve done everything from teaching Pony Club lessons to teaching 4th graders to program Super Mario Bros. and Frogger. I’ve noticed common attitudes that many people have towards math and yoga, saying, “Math is not for me” or “I’m just not good at yoga.” I believe that yoga (and math!) is truly for everyone, and I enjoy making complex or intimidating subjects approachable by breaking them down into smaller, more digestible elements. I’m excited to share yoga with the people who can benefit the most, but often have the least access, so I’m especially interested in teaching kids yoga and pre- and post-natal yoga, as well as teaching yoga in prison.

As a teacher, I hope to give people lasting tools to feel good in their bodies. Students have described my classes as “compassionate, open, lighthearted and thoughtfully designed”; expect my classes to focus more on building awareness than achieving a particular pose, and to include continued attention to breath as well as the space and time for you to explore on your own. Creating the right ambience is important to me, so I use lighting, candles, incense, and music to build a mood that reflects the class, whether it be energizing or grounding.