Jennifer Lynne Le Vine

Teaching Schedule: Substitute teacher.

Jennifer is also available for private yoga sessions @TULA on Sundays at 7:30am and Fridays at 3pm. 



“find joy in your journey"

Jennifer’s mantra is that compassion begins within and radiates outward. Her teaching style is a balance between alignment and introspection, and connecting it all through breath & body awareness.

Jennifer has been dedicated to studying and practicing yoga for over a decade. After working in ecological restoration & urban planning for a couple years, she shifted her approach of work. She has since worked in the wellness industry for several years, receiving certifications & trainings in plant-based nutrition, aromatherapy, and western herbalism. 

After briefly uprooting her life to Hawaii, Jennifer came back to Chicago determined to become a teacher. In 2017 she received many certifications including a 200-RYT from Zen Yoga Garage and 10-hr. kids yoga intensive from OM Slice. She also has a background in teaching barre and enjoys incorporating the many strength and lengthening aspects into her yoga classes. 

Outside of the studios and her kitchen she is the co-founder of Goddess Yoga Retreats & Soham Gatherings, leading workshops and retreats in and out of Chicago. She is also the lead baker for Sunny Day Bakery, a small local vegan business. Her method for tuning in is by reading and meditation, drinking homemade tea blends and local kombucha, creating and consuming smoothie bowls, and relaxing with her dog & two cats.