Kathleen Katsikeas

Teaching Schedule: Substitute Teacher.  

Photo Credit:  Ashley LeTourneau

Photo Credit: Ashley LeTourneau

I first pressed my feet into a yoga mat in 2007 as a form of coping with depression and anxiety, and the rest is history. The healing power of yoga manifested itself in many unexpected ways in my life as I grew healthily attached to my practice; often turning to the mat in times of struggle and stress. 

Yoga opened up my life when I thought I had permanently shut down. I believe that yoga can help students to connect deeply with their body, spirit, and inner wisdom. 

I was certified through Moksha’s 200hr program and Yoga to Transform Trauma's 50hr certification, and have been an energy healer since 2014. As a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher and energy healer,  I support and guide students to holistically heal, grow, and empower themselves along their journeys.