Kellyn Jackson

Teaching Schedule: Substitute teacher.



My first love, dance, brought me to yoga, which introduced me to meditation. I'm fascinated by how movement affects our minds and vice versa. I value movement of all kinds (physical, energetic, emotional) so my aim in teaching is simple: to create movement. Sometimes that means finding a new crevice of a posture or unlocking more strength, sometimes it means a shift in perspective. I'm most interested in helping students find their inner teacher. I emphasize exploration, play, and somatic awareness. My classes are trauma-informed, and I strive to make them as inclusive as possible for all levels.

I completed my 200-hour training at Corepower Yoga in 2012, and studied at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre in India. A piece of my heart is still in India, where I taught yoga to children with Autism. I'm currently finishing my master's degree in dance/movement therapy & counseling. If I'm not dancing, teaching yoga, or working on my thesis, I'm probably riding my bike or picking dandelions. Hope to see you in class soon!