Kristie Kahns

Teaching Schedule: Wednesdays at 5:15pm and Sundays at 5pm.



After many years of dance and capoeira training, Kristie found herself searching for a form of movement with a more introspective focus. In early 2010, she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga, and instantly was hooked by the unexpected physical and mental demands of the practice. Since then, she has become an enthusiastic student of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, and has continued to deepen her practice with trainings in asana and philosophy with teachers from different lineages. Kristie received her 200-Hour Yoga Teaching Certification through Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago in 2012. She practices Ashtanga under the guidance of Todd Boman in Chicago, and practices Hatha yoga with Sara Strother.  An apprenticeship with Sara in 2016 developed a more alignment-based focus to her asana practice and teaching, bringing careful sequencing and attention to detail to the forefront. She has also been deeply influenced by trainings with Maty Ezraty and Noah Mazé.

Kristie is passionate to share the physical and mental benefits of yoga with her students, revealing the practice to be an amazing tool for self-discovery, inquiry, and transformation. Her classes draw from the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, with an emphasis on strength building, proper alignment, and steady breath.