Melissa Lutz

Teaching Schedule: Substitute teacher.



 A graduate from Tula's first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program, I had the distinct honor of working with and learning from Tula's (and Chicago's!) finest, including an apprenticeship with Natalie McGreal. I began practicing yoga in 2013 and fell in love with the balance, focus and growth that it brought to my busy city life.

I focus on seeking beauty in all of my surroundings, keeping things fun and light, and breathing through and reflecting upon the moments that are not. I aim to translate this philosophy into my yoga classes, creating a relaxed, welcoming and safe space for students to gain what they need from their practice and accept and let go of what they do not. A balance of vinyasa flow and mindful meditation, students are encouraged to become more in tune with both their mind and body.

Outside of the yoga studio, you can find me petting neighborhood dogs or advocating for the healthcare, education and general well-being of the children and families of Despinasse, Haiti with Serve With Love Today (NFP).