Nicole Cordero

Teaching Schedule: Substitute teacher.



My professional background in both yoga and the cannabis industry stem from my personal history of perseverance and recovery. I grew up with consistent exposure to toxic stress and trauma. I accumulated questions and dedicated myself to the study of health disparities and applied health science. After receiving my BS in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign I traveled alone in New Zealand for 9 months.  I did not fully understand disassociation, but I recognized feeling disconnected from myself and my surroundings. I experienced my first yoga class overseas. The speed and heat of the classroom forced me to tell myself honest stories about where I was, and how I felt. I was uncomfortable! But there was always a high. I started to enjoy my presence. I could feel the yoga increasing my authority in my body with more practice.

I returned to Chicago in 2012 and have accumulated years of teaching experience for Zen Yoga Garage (2013-2018) Big Yoga Chicago (2014-Present) and Harvest Prenatal Home for Homeless Women (2016). In the last five years I’ve been able to study meditation with the International Association for Human Values in three different countries, lived in Los Angeles for two years, and accumulate over three years of experience in the cannabis industry. I’ve never stopped studying and teaching yoga. I’m also a practicing Reiki Master.

First yoga, then cannabis, helped me be able to celebrate receptivity in my body. I’m currently working for Modern Cannabis as a Cannabis Agent/Consultant and avidly sharing the good news that cannabis has multiple applications for restoration. I’ve seen and experienced this medicinal plant deliver relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation and more in different doses, in different forms, for a myriad of different people. I’m grateful to spend my days interacting with and guiding patients and caregivers responding to their persistent, life threatening stress with innovative self-care and exploration. I present this trauma-informed style of yoga class to new and experienced cannabis users and advocates to affirm our experiences of feeling connected. Students in class can look forward to a playful and inquisitive practice. We’ll practice our ability to respond to sensation with either more work - power yoga moves for all body types - or supportive rest and breathing meditations.