About TULA

We are REAL people. We have real lives and real stress. We don't take ourselves too seriously and neither should you.

We use Yoga as a way to work our stuff out so that we can bring that sense of peace and balance off of our mats and into our everyday lives.

We believe that we are losing ourselves somewhere between our 9-5 grind and our Facebook accounts. We are fast becoming a generation of 'plugged-in' humans that create digital walls, rather than humanity. 

We are connecting to glowing screens instead of human touch, headphones instead of the sound of our breath, the tap-tap-tap of texts instead of the beating of our own hearts. 

We can stop this.

We can find the human connection that we so badly need. 

At TULA, we aim to be a place for that connection. Connection of mind-to-body, a deep connection to yourself, a genuine and organic connection to your neighbors and your community.

TULA is a special place to slow down, chill out, hang-out, breathe, and just let it all go.