Shannon Kephart

Teaching Schedule: Substitute teacher.



Shannon first tried yoga as a runner wanting to vary her exercise routine to protect her body. After a year or so of practicing she became inspired by how, after every yoga class, her mind felt completely at ease and was filled with positive thoughts while physically she felt both relaxed and energized. Through the years, her practice and the role of yoga in her life have evolved. As a full-time middle school teacher, she has studied how to use meditation to help adolescents build confidence and reduce anxiety. In the spring of 2018, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Tula Yoga. 

Shannon integrates meditation with yoga. In both, she explores how a mind-body connection can help us form positive habits that let us be our best selves. She intends her classes to be challenging yet energizing, building physical and mental strength through a pure connection to our bodies. Her sequences will help you to connect to your breath and relax your mind, allowing all your bodies’ energy to be put into your yoga practice. The flow of movement will work towards a few challenging, or peak, poses. Shannon believes in the potential of yoga and meditation to develop our mind-body connection in and out of class, and by doing so, improve our daily experiences, connections to others, and overall joyfulness.