Sheyda Esnaashari

Teaching Schedule: Substitute teacher.


Esnaashari_dancer pose.jpg

Sheyda’s first experience with yoga was in 2006 when tagging along to a yoga class with her mom at the Institute of the Himalayan Tradition in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Spending most of her younger years in dance classes, Sheyda appreciated the new way of connecting with her body that yoga provided. Sheyda has continued to value the mind-body connection that yoga brings, including the positive impacts it has had on body awareness/image as well as mental health. Whether it’s taking your mind off of the stress of day-to-day life through flowing sequences or learning to take yourself a little less seriously when trying (and failing) to master balancing postures, Sheyda appreciates the shift in perspective that yoga continually inspires.

Sheyda’s approach to teaching places an emphasis on the fluidity of breath and movement. Sheyda encourages her students to pay special attention to both the subtle and acute sensations of each movement and posture, harnessing the power of breath to increase connection to the body. Understanding that everyone shows up on the mat for their own reasons, Sheyda strives to act as a guide in her classes, creating space for students to create their own spiritual and physical practice.

Sheyda is a Yoga Alliance 200 RYT recognized instructor (TULA Yoga, Chicago), and has apprenticed with and recently completed a 10-hour Kids Yoga Training with Cassi Stuckman (OM Slice Kids Yoga/TULA Yoga).