Slone Isselhard

Teaching Schedule: Substitute Teacher.



Slone Isselhard was introduced to yoga at fifteen when she began experimenting with meditation and mindful movement. Since that time, yoga has always been a part of her life, to greater or lesser degrees at different stages. Her mat has always been a place she could come back to no matter what else was going on in her life and find a sense of calm, of focus, and of peace.

Slone has not always been a full-time yoga teacher. After graduating from Northwestern University School of Law with a Juris Doctorate, Slone spent seven years practicing law in the corporate world. During this time, Slone continued to study yoga in her free time and found it was the highlight of her day. She eventually decided to pursue her teaching certification as a way to deepen her practice, eventually becoming certified through Moksha Yoga’s teacher training program. After completing her certification, Slone felt called to study and teach yoga full time, so she left her law firm job to pursue full time yoga.

Slone’s classes combine vinyasa flow (breath-sequenced movement) with poses held for several breaths to build strength and stamina in both the body and the mind. All classes begin with a short meditation and end with relaxation. Over time students can expect to gain strength and flexibility in the body while gaining a deeper connection with the breath, the inner workings of the mind, and what’s truly going on underneath the noise and activity around and inside them.

Slone believes that yoga has the power to completely transform our lives and our world by connecting people with their deep inner wisdom, with the present moment, and with one another. Her classes are designed to guide students through and beyond the noise in their minds to the beauty and power of the here and now and, ultimately, to the wisdom of their own inner teacher. Over time, students may discover, as Slone did, that what they practice on their mat carries over into their lives, opening new possibilities, exciting opportunities, and a greater sense of fun and adventure both on and off the mat.