Reset, A Series of Yin and Nidra Sessions

Next sessions: May 7 & June 4

6:30pm - 8:30pm

$26/$22 Tula Monthly Members

$60/3-Pack of Nidra Sessions

A quiet yin yoga practice will allow students to drift into sivasana, and while in this deeply relaxed state, fully absorb further cues to restore the body & mind.

This special series is designed for yogis who have stressful desk jobs, stand for long periods, or practice athletic vinyasa. 

The first part of each class will be spent in a quiet set of yin poses that will soften the hips, pelvis, and back, and allow dry ligaments, tendons, and joints to release. The physical and emotional state experienced from yin yoga can be similar to receiving a massage. 

The second part of each class will be spent reclined with supportive props, consciously letting go of any further physical tension, anxiety, and uneasiness. 

Each week will be a complete practice, but multiple sessions offer cumulative benefits. A discount is offered to those who commit to a series. Bring extra clothing or a blanket & pillow for the extended time in sivasana.