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Back-Bending Extravaganza!

Join Mara Goldfine to explore the mobility and strength required to get deeper into a backbending practice. Backbending is a fantastic practice for heart opening, posture, breath control, and to deepen courage in Asana. Learn to overcome the anxiety inherent in deep back bend with the breath.

We will spend an hour discussing the anatomy of the muscles involved, and the logic behind ques given in backbends, then one hour in asana: mobilizing hips, shoulders, and spine, then working on deepening backbends, before a long relaxing cool down.

Urdhva dhanurasana (Wheel pose) is a prerequisite for this workshop. If you are interested in coming to this workshop, but are not comfortable in wheel pose, please join Mara in any class at Tula in the weeks leading up to that date to work on Urdhva Dhanurasana.

Regular class rates apply: REGISTER HERE.