Brandi Fields

Teaching Schedule: Substitute Teacher.


Brandi was introduced to yoga in roughly 2009 while living in Phoenix, Arizona by stumbling upon a new studio near her favorite coffee shop. As someone who had previously been interested in the holistic approach to better health, she saw yoga and meditation as a way to start down a path to self-improvement and empowerment. Brandi developed a more consistent practice while practicing Bikram Yoga at a local studio in Scottsdale. She found that having a consistent practice helped improved her focus in her everyday life and it grounded her. After the unexpected passing of her father in 2015, she used yoga as a way to meditate and move through her grief. In March of 2019 Brandi completed her 200 hour teacher training at Tula Yoga Studio under the apprenticeship of Mara Goldfine. In completing her training she gained a very valuable skill in addition to a new and supportive community of friends.

Brandi’s goal and overall mission for becoming a yoga teacher was to show women of color, specifically black women and plus-size women that yoga and meditation are accessible for them too. Her classes are designed to build strength, all while being gentle on the mind and body. She is also currently teaching free classes on the weekends at Unity Park located in Located Square. When not teaching, you can find Brandi at your local coffee shop enjoying an iced latte or binging on true crime TV shows (Snapped! is her favorite) or any of the Real Housewives franchises.