What is a YogiCitizen? 

Yoga is about more that physical postures done on a mat. At TULA, we believe that it's also about giving back and serving your community. In fact, we believe in this so much that we are willing to discount your yoga packages in exchange for volunteering at various community organizations. 

What is the discount?

You will receive a 40% discount on a 10-pack of classes (only $96!) for minimum of 4 hours of work done at one or more non-profit organizations. The pack of classes in non-transferable, non-refundable and the discount is non-negotiable and cannot be used for any other yoga package or retail. 

You can combine hours and work at several organizations to make up the 4 total hours.

How do I receive the discount?

Simply download and print this form, complete your hours, get it signed by a supervisor of your volunteer work and bring it in the studio for your discount!

What organizations can I volunteer for?

Any non-paid work at any non-profit organization counts towards the program!

Need help finding something?

Check out VolunteerMatch.org, chicagovolunteerexpo.com OR you can chose from the list of organizations below. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Tutoring Chicago: Contact Carolina Estay at cestay@tutoringchicago.org

Pro Bono Network: Sheila Pont at Sheila.pont@pro-bono-network.org

Monarch Thrift: Christa Clumpner at cclumpner@monarchthriftshop.com

Hairpin Arts Center: Gretchen Henninger at HairpinArts@gmail.com

The HoneyComb Project: They offer whole host of volunteer opportunities throughout the city. Great for whole-family volunteering!

Corner Farm Chicago: Contact cornerfarmchicago@gmail.com

Paseo Prairie Garden: Contact Laurie Tanenbaum, 773-489-0167

Goethe Elementary School: Contact the school. 

Christopher House: Contact Carmen Lydia Velez, 773-235-4073 x302

Logan Square Farmer's Market: Contact Rosie Fitz, rosie@loganchamber.org

Gardeneers: Contact Adam Zmick, adam@gardeneers.org

The Dill Pickle Food Co-op (available only for member-owners of the co-op): Contact Ally Young, ally.young@dillpickle.coop