Be Nice to your Subs

I think it's great that you have your favorite teachers. I really do. But sometimes they have other obligations, get sick, or take vacations. In some cases, they have to ask for a sub for their classes. Fortunately, Tula's software (Tula Software) shows you the name of the substitute teacher as soon as they pick up the class.

Don't skip class!

Go to the class!

Keep an open mind!

Yes, they are not going to have the exact same personality as the regular teacher and they may, to your despair, do different things in class, BUT you are are also experiencing someone else's point of view. Please remember that every Tula teacher has a following now, so you are most likely taking class from someone else's favorite teacher. Really.

So if you come in and unexpectedly see that your class has a sub - introduce yourself, kindly keep an open mind to what they have to offer you and thank them for being flexible and willing to sub your favorite teacher's class.

You may just find your second-favorite teacher. :)