Teacher Profile: Kathryn Gongaware

Kathryn was trained by David and he recommended her to join our team. Boy, am I happy that he did. She has been an awesome addition to our community. 

To me, Kathryn exudes the energy and vibrancy of youth. Her classes are playful, fun, and fearless. She teaches authentically from the heart & soul and isn't shy about taking things 'out of the box' and unapologetically expressing her style of teaching yoga (and musical taste). In many ways, she is the 'stereotypical' yoga teacher, but if you are privileged enough to get to her know her a bit better, I think you will find that she brings a new and different approach to yoga that is uniquely hers. To her, teaching yoga is a life-calling and not just a job and it shows in every class. 

Here's little more about Kathryn. 

Hometown: Vienna, VA

Favorite Yoga Pose: Viparita Karani (legs up the wall)

Least Favorite: (Why) Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel). It requires a lot of shoulder, chest and heart opening - none of which come easily to me. But I work on it anyway. :)

Sign: Virgo

Favorite Place: Probably bed

Movie: The Departed, Remember the Titans

Why do you teach Yoga? 

To pay it forward. Teaching wasn't something I actively sought to do - which isn't to say I don't love it - I just.. had to. It didn't feel right to keep it to myself. 

How do you define Yoga? 

If I'm getting deep, a path to self-awareness and actualization, a way for us to better connect with ourselves so we can better connect with the world around us. 

Alternatively: just something we do to feel and be good.

What would your last meal be? Pizza. Pasta. Wine. With my peeps.

The band you can't live without? This makes my brain hurt. 

Most empowering moment? Every single time I shift my approach to the world and watch it shift its approach back to me. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would it be and what would you do? 

Some day I'd like to ogle at the Pyramids. Maybe climb another mountain with my brother. Right now, I'm pretty good where I am. 

When you aren't teaching yoga, what can you be found doing? 

Working on Bendy (a yoga app to be released this fall), filming web-isodes for Bent (a yoga and beer experiment), writing wrongs on my blog, supporting Chicago's incredible food, bev and art scene, falling asleep in half pigeon.. 

Three fun facts we don't know about you?

1. I can play the piano upside down and backwards. 

2. I cannot, however, carry a tune.

3. I still dream of writing for SNL. 

You can find Kathryn at TULA on Mondays at 5:30pm (Balanced Vinyasa) and Thursdays at 10am (High-Energy Vinyasa). You can keep up with her other endeavors at her GongaFlow Facebook page