30 Days of Yoga

Thirty days ago today, we gave people a challenge. Do yoga for everyday for 30 consecutive days at Tula and you will receive your next 30 days for free. Quite a few of our monthly members signed up. We also had a few new people sign up and some instructors. We started with 25 challengers.

The first few weeks, I heard things like "30 days is so long" and "how will ever do this". We sent them a few motivational emails and had a few drawings for prizes along the way - just to keep their spirits up! What I found amazing, was the passion and commitment people came into class with everyday. They were genuinely excited about placing their star sticker for the day on the chart. People integrated a trip to the studio into their everyday routines - really powerful stuff. These people saw each other everyday, they connected, made friends on the mat. There were a few days along the way that were tough for people - soreness, sickness, snowstorms and life got in the way of their daily trek to the studio, but even the people that missed a day or so picked right up where they left off - determined to see it through. I think that we still are not sure what can motivate people, but when everything falls into place in just the right way and you see with your own eyes that determination and force of that inner drive, it is truly phenomenal. In the greater scheme of things, this was just 30 days of yoga, but in a small way it shows me that anything is possible.

Thirty days ago, I wasn't sure if anyone would complete the challenge. Today I am so proud to say that 12 people have. Tomorrow, I will be putting up a new attendance chart with hopes that this is only the first leg of their life-long journey with yoga.

Challengers- please comment on this post and let me know how this experience was for you!