Hannah Keene

Teaching Schedule: Wednesdays at 10:30am (Gentle Yoga). 

 Photo Credit:  Ashley LeTourneau

Photo Credit: Ashley LeTourneau

I found yoga in 2008 while in college. I was living with some serious rock climbers and was endlessly impressed by their dedication to movement. It encouraged me to seek my own balance for the sedentary nature of student life. The resilience I gained in practice opened up the possibility to become more deeply connected to body and mind, which awakened a new sense of body awareness and emotional clarity. My practice continued to shift and evolve over the years and I eventually sought out a teacher training program with the intention to become a teacher. As someone who has felt like an outsider in the world of yoga, I want people to know that matter where you are from or what you look like, this practice is available to you. My goal as a teacher is to bridge the gap between yoga and the people who assume that for one reason or other that they don't belong - because you do belong. This practice is for every person and every body.

My classes are grounded in a trauma sensitive approach, meaning I encourage students to acknowledge their autonomy and the agency they have over their own mind and body. I believe in empowering students by encouraging free and expressive movement, while guiding a mindful, focused and alignment based class. Each practice is led with intention to slow down mind and body and to move with diligence to gain relief from deep tension and stress. 

Main influences for my practice come from the teachings of Natalie McGreal and Nathan Paulus. 

When I’m not practicing, I am likely reading with my cats.