Rhiannon Kirby

When I think of Rhiannon, I think of confidence, natural beauty and grace.

I first met Rhiannon when she was recommended to me by a few of my teachers shortly after we opened. I didn't have a proper audition process back then so I had her sub a class and I was taking it in order to 'audition' her. She came in introduced herself and started to speak - all I could think was wow, she knows what she's doing. She wasn't at all preachy or yelling but you could tell that she was confident in her body, in her style and in her Yoga. 

You can tell right off that she used to be a dancer. You will twist, you will turn, you will flow with a dancer's fluidity in her classes. What I love about them is that as I watch her and move, I can imagine that I have the same grace and beauty as she (even though I really just stumble around :) She is able to transport me to this inner, strong place within myself that only occasionally gets tapped into and I leave class feeling beautiful and confident in my own skin. 


She is a very talented teacher that is knowledgeable and ultimately true to herself. She is a meat-loving, beer-drinking, heavy metal listening, cool, hipster chick, yet nothing but authentically herself. You will definitely learn something in her classes and I truly think she is one of the top teachers in all of Chicago and I am honored to have her here at Tula.

Rhiannon lives in Humboldt Park and can be often be found hanging out at all the neighborhood hotspots with her partner and friends, usually with drink in hand.

You can catch one of Rhiannon's classes at Tula on Mondays at 6:45pm, Wednesdays at 9am and Fridays at 12.