Receiving Gratitude

Around this time of year, people always talk about giving thanks, and being grateful for things that we have. I think this is really important and I think that overall I do a good job at being grateful and giving thanks. But there's also another side to this

......receiving thanks and receiving gratitude from others is just as important.

This, I have realized I am not very good at. I think part of this stems from being a parent. You are programmed from the time that beautiful, helpless creature is born to be 'self-less', to put every need and want of them over your own needs and wants and never, ever do you expect a thank you. In my case, this also extends into my personal relationships and into my work. I don't often see or hear someone giving me thanks.

I often 'miss' little things that people say and do that are clearly showing me that they appreciate and care for me.

The thing is, most likely people are not showing gratitude by saying the words "I am grateful for you" - no, more often than not they show gratitude with small gestures, with slight smiles, with random acts of kindness.

Unless you are really paying attention, you might miss it. Unless you are really open, you may not be able to receive it. 

So during this Thanksgiving holiday, join me in not only giving thanks and giving gratitude for all of life's abundance, but also opening yourself up enough to receive these gifts as well. Listen to the people around you closely, let the love and appreciation seep in, let it stay awhile and really revel in the gratitude of the season. 

After all, the more you are able to receive, the more you are able to give.