Tula's Expansion

Tula opened it's doors on Oct. 1, 2011. The response was amazing from the community & neighborhood and we have been growing slowly, but surely, ever since.  

Part of the reason that I rented this particular space 4 years ago was because of it's 'potential'. Not only was it located in a rapidly changing and growing neighborhood, it also had the potential for Tula to expand, once the business was established. Beneath our current space, is a basement area (approx. 2800 sq. ft.) that was also available for rent. A year ago, I signed an extended 15 year lease that included this basement area and now is the time!

Now that we have a solid student base and I have a better understanding of the needs and wants of that student base, we would love to be able to offer you MORE. Here are just a few of the ideas that we have for ways in which to to use this extra space. 

1. Simultaneous kids /adults classes - this way, parents can get in their yoga without calling for a sitter!

2. Weekend Baby & Me & prenatal classes - so that working parents can be part of the fun as well!

3. Kids Yoga Birthday parties - we have done a few, but with only one space we are severely restricted on the times that we can offer them. With a second space, we could offer them on a more regular basis.

4. More Meditation/Restorative/Nidra/Yin and 'gentle' classes - It's no secret that our schedule is filled with mostly Vinyasa classes. With a new space, we would be able to offer more gentle classes, more accessible classes and classes that compliment a regular vinyasa practice very well. 

5. More options for evening classes - Instead of just being able to offer 'stacked' classes (one after the other), we could experiment with offering say a 5:30pm, a 6pm AND 6:30pm. Potentially, giving more of you a chance to get to yoga, even when you have to work late. 

6. Yoga Teacher Training and/or a Yoga Immersion Program - Again, primarily because of having only one space, we currently are unable to have a meeting place for long periods of time to be able to offer such a program. 

7. More Donation classes for charities- Again, because we cannot run simultaneous classes, we are often stuck offering donation classes at less than optimal times. We hope to able to offer these classes more regularly and at better times so that they can be more successful. 

8. Community events - At least once a week, I am approached by a organization or individual looking to rent space to offer a workshop, community event or seminar. We would be able to offer this space to them. We could even do more yoga pairing events, such as start a yoga book club, knitting and yoga, wine and yoga, etc. without having to modify or cancel classes from our current schedule. 

9. Thai Bodywork and private yoga sessions - Because the space is just as big as our upstairs space and we wouldn't have retail, we have space for a second studio as well as a private room that can be used to offer Thai Bodywork and private yoga sessions! 

10. More workshops! Because we are restricted on time with only one space, often our workshops are not as successful as they should be. We would be able to offer more workshops, at 'prime' time slots!

If you share our vision for this space, we need your help to make it a reality! Anything is greatly appreciated.