Turning 40 is awesome, except for.........

Okay, so I turned 40 in October and it's taken me this long to even write this post because it's really hard getting older. Especially in an industry that (unfortunately) values looks and being 'instagram-worthy', above all else. 

So it's not all "40 is the new 30", here's what Sucks:

1. For the first time in my life, I look at new fashion trends and ask myself "can I really pull that off?"

2. Pretty much everyday while talking to someone at the studio, I think to myself "could I be their mother?"

3. You spend more time plucking random hairs from your face than on the actual hair on your head. (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you haven't hit 30)

4. The most important thing to you is sleep - when do you get to, how long will you get to. 

5. Hangovers are now hangovers with a dash of the flu, insomnia, dysentary and intense migraines. (Yeah, no joke). 

6. You have to accept that you can no longer just go pick up some jeans or a swimsuit (or order online).  It's an all-day ordeal that you need to be mentally and physically equiped to deal with. 

7. You sometimes get in conversations with younger people and you really have no idea what they are talking about. 

8. The most important thing for you to do on the weekend is laundry or organizing the garage. 

The things that are Awesome:

1. You care less and less about what people think of you. 

2. You finally know what you are going to be when you 'grow up'. 

3. Mentally, you still feel 21, but have more money. 

4. You have learned SO much about everything and are smart beyond belief :)

5. The styles and music that were 'in' when you were a teenager are back (yeah 80's!!)

6. You accept who you are and stop trying to change it. (sooooo liberating!)

7. You truly start relating to your parents in a way that you have never done before because you realize and accept that you are not too far away from their position in life. 

8. You finally, truly make peace with your body issues. 

9. You feel absolutely fabulous everytime you are carded or mistaken for being younger than you are. 

10. The most important thing for you to do on the weekend is laundry or organinzing the garage. 

11. You find your VOICE. You develop strong, intelligent, verifiable and defendable opinions about things.

12. You FEEL grateful for everyone and every day. I don't think I ever really knew what it was to be purely grateful until now. 

Next up........ "What's Awesome about turning 50". Stay tuned :)