Michelle Beuscher

Michelle-Beuscher_Yoga_Portrait-Headshot_2012_09_09 089.jpg


It's been a little while, but I am continuing my blog posts about my dear teachers!

Michelle joined TULA even before it opened. She contacted me via email about the studio and inquired if she could teach. She suggested that we meet up and chat. She met me for lunch and as soon as she started talking, I knew that she would be a great addition to the studio. She is a ball of sunshine. So optimistic and happy, that you just want to bottle her energy up and save it for a rainy day. Outwardly, she is not your stereotypical yogi, but inside she embodies the true definition of a yogi. She is confident in herself and cares deeply about her students and the process and practice of yoga. She teaches from a place in her heart that is caring, uplifting and oh so patient. Her class at TULA, Yoga within Reach, has grown to be an essential class offering for our community. It is highly accessible, has an almost cult-like following and I am grateful everyday that Michelle is part of our team. 

If you have ever been intimidated by yoga, had any bad class experiences, think it just isn't for you because of some pre-conceived notions about how you think should look in order to practice, you should try Michelle's class. She is challenging and squashing these notions, one class at a time. 

Yoga within Reach is offered on Saturdays at 9:30am. 

You can keep up with Michelle on her website:  michellebeuscheryoga.com