Why you should add Private Yoga Sessions to your Group Practice


I'll admit private yoga sessions used to be a mystery to me. I didn't understand why I should pay almost 3x (sometimes 4x) more than a group class for a one person yoga class -- that is until I tried it. I learned so much in private sessions and my practice, not only advanced, but I was better able to identify what my body needed from the practice. 

We are very happy to announce that we will now be offering private yoga sessions (when the studio is not running regular classes) with a variety of TULA teachers at a variety of times.

So why should you take private yoga session? Here are some that I think are the most important:

-Getting into yoga for the first time or getting back to yoga after time away: Working solo with a teacher is a great introduction to the practice. You can ease into (or back into) group classes with a better understanding of alignment, modifications and pace that your practice should take for your body. 

- Learning Proper Alignment: Whether this is the first yoga class you have ever taken or your 1000th, working one-on-one with a teacher will allow you to gain more specific alignment recommendations based on your body's individual uniqueness. Proper alignment is key to avoiding injuries and helping to ensure a safe and life-long yoga practice. If you have been practicing awhile now, you may be developing bad habits that you are unaware of, the extra eye of a private session can bring these to the forefront and then corrected to support a safe practice. Weed through poses that 'just don't feel right' for your body with modifications, discussions and adjustments. Working with an instructor will set a solid foundation for your practice, novice to seasoned. 

- Delving deeper into your practice to support specific yoga goals: Maybe you have a specific yoga goal and you want to be able to work on this goal in group classes, but are not sure how. During a private session, an instructor can teach you how to modify your practice to continuously support that goal (whether or not that is the focus of a group class). For example, you may want to strengthen your core -- in a private session, a teacher can teach you how to properly engage your core in common yoga poses, add them to your yoga toolbox and bring into your practice, whenever/where ever you practice. 

- Working on a particular advanced yoga pose: It's likely there are poses you really want to accomplish, such as getting into Crow, exploring inversions or arching into a scorpion, whatever pose has you challenged the most. Working one-on-one with a teacher, may just allow you to finally nail that advanced posture!

- Getting out of a Yoga rut: Maybe you have been practicing awhile and your practice has plateaued? Maybe you are in a yoga rut and don't know where you take your practice next? Our teachers can give you individualized suggestions on how to spice up your practice. For example, adding a 'jump-through' to your chaturanaga, adding a tripod headstand to your wide-legged forward fold, etc. What's so awesome about yoga is that it is never really  'mastered'...... there is always another thing to learn from this beautiful practice.......

Ready for your first session? Sign-up for a Private session now and we will take off an additional $10 off your second session*! 

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* Second session must be booked in the studio to receive the discount.