Owner Highlight: Maile Wicklander


Well, I hope this is not obnoxious of me, but I decided to highlight myself this month! 

Here are some some facts about me!:

Hometown: Fresno, Ca. 

Favorite Color: Purple, always. Lately, yellow. 

Favorite Yoga Pose: Triangle, Pyrimid, Malasana, Goddess. 

Least Favorite: (Why)  Hero's pose - it just doesn't work with my body.

Sign: Libra

Favorite Place: Chicago. As a California girl, I fell in love with this city, the seasons and the people. 

Movie: The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, Sixteen Candles - Basically any teenage angst movie from the 80's. 


Why do you teach Yoga? I don't! I love yoga. I just don't think teaching would suit me. I love the practice, I love being a studio owner, and I love yoga people. 

How do you define Yoga?  Calming of the mind, releasing of the body. 

What would your last meal be? Tacos and/or sushi. 

The band you can't live without? The Cure.

Most empowering moment? 

October 1, 2011. The day that I opened Tula's doors. It was the biggest risk I have taken in my life and well worth every tear and every dollar. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would it be and what would you do?  

I would go back to Hanalei Colony Resort on the north side of the island of Kauai, Hawaii where Andrew and I were married 14 years ago (in March) -- we haven't been back since. 

Alex, the Borkie (Bichon- Yorkie). 

Alex, the Borkie (Bichon- Yorkie). 

When you aren't practicing yoga, what can you be found doing? Cooking, reading (or reading cookbooks!), watching netflix, drinking wine, doing puzzles, hanging out with my family and dog. 

Three fun facts we don't know about you? :)

1. I LOVE black jelly beans. 

2. I have a master's degree in Psychology. 

3. I was a 'goth' girl in high school. 

Me, Andrew, Leila (12) and Kai (10).  

Me, Andrew, Leila (12) and Kai (10).