Student Feature: Stanton McConnell

David Duerkop referred Stanton to TULA and there is rarely a week that has passed since 2016 when we haven’t seen him. He is just the nicest guy. Always has a smile and a kind word to share! And I love it that he always shows up to the photo session classes - we have a lot of pictures of him doing yoga! :)

Here’s a bit more about Stan….


Hometown: Dixon, IL, USA

Sign: Virgo

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Movie: Mission Impossible--to choose just one! A few of my actual faves are Zoolander, It Follows, Hook, and Carrie.

What would your last meal be? Mexican and al fresco

What brought you to yoga? I first tried yoga because of a Groupon, and I was hooked after a month.

What brought you to TULA? The diverse teaching styles and personalities make for a real community here, and the people are passionate without pretentiousness. It was the obvious choice for me to become a member here.


What is your favorite yoga pose (and why)? I really dig half moon--it's a challenge for me depending on the day, but I feel like it gives me clarity and length everywhere in the body. I'm always stoked to hear malasana (frog) called. Hopping on the lily pad always lightens the mood in the room, and I love how it accesses deep in the hips while also relieving the spine.

What are the benefits you have experienced from a regular yoga practice? Yoga helps me in too many ways to count. Aside from the obvious physical benefits and tight booty, it has helped me with sleeping, singing, dancing, breathing, and staying present in stimulating environments. It makes me a better performer.

What is your Least favorite pose (and why)? I can never find comfort in restorative poses on my back with the bolster or blocks.

What advice you would give someone just starting yoga? I would say to embrace how incremental the progress is and to not force anything. Eventually, you notice improvement.

What is your favorite after-yoga activity? If I can, I like to slow roll to some good coffee and food at Gaslight. When you can see and feel the sunlight coming in, it's the perfect environment to feel your body recover, taking in nutrients and the coffee drug.

List 3 fun facts we don’t know about you:

-I speak French and Spanish.

-I used to be a lifeguard on a nude beach. It also had a volleyball net, and people would be playing on the sand completely naked--except for their kneepads LOL!

-I love singing and writing songs.