Student Feature: Catie Olson

If you live anywhere near Logan Square, you have no doubt seen Catie riding around on her bike, but who could miss a bike helmet with big styrofoam eyeballs on the top?? Catie took her first class here in July of 2012 and she is just a joy to have here. It doesn’t matter if I’m having a most terrible day ever, when I see Catie come in, I smile. She is just awesome. I don’t know her all that well, but I can tell that she is confident in her own skin, still as playful as a kid, super creative and loves yoga and that’s enough for me. Catie, we hope to know you forever! :)

Here’s some more about Catie:


Hometown: Decatur, Illinois

Sign: Taurus

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Movie: Aaltra

What would your last meal be?

Sautéed morels with baguette

What brought you to yoga? I first took it at the school of the art institute of Chicago and had friends who enjoyed it, so I followed suit

What brought you to TULA? I had recently moved to Avondale and looked up yoga studios in the area. TULA was an inviting and beautiful space

What is your favorite yoga pose (and why)? Half moon. It requires balance and strength, but it opens all joints of the body at same time.

What are the benefits you have experienced from a regular yoga practice? Focus, mental clarity and freedom to try without worrying

What is your Least favorite pose (and why)? Backbends- I’ve had an umbilical hernia for the last 10 years and just recently had surgery for it. Backbends put a small amount of stress to the area

What advice you would give someone just starting yoga? Take time, Trust yourself and know that everyone is at a different level. I highly recommend yoga for a balanced life!

What is your favorite after-yoga activity? riding my bike

List 3 fun facts we don’t know about you:

I can play the musical saw

I’m in an experimental electronic band

I love building sculptures out of wood