The Meaning of Tula

When I was trying to come up with a name for the studio, I immediately started thinking about Balance. Yoga had been the 'balance' in my life for a few years. I was a stay at home mom that needed an outlet to make sure that I was taking care of myself and getting out of the house every once in a while - and going to practice Yoga provided that for me. So I looked up the Sanskrit word for balance and it's Tula. As I read further about Tula, it also refers to the astrological sign of a Libra - which I am! Perfect!

The tagline "find your balance" came out of the hope that the studio provides that much needed balance for others - whether that be home and work balance, stress relief, or becoming a healthier, more centered, person.

And what about those swirls in the logo? The graphic designer that made it told me it was a representation of a Celtic Triple Spiral that means, among other things, 'rebirth'. Again, perfect! Tula yoga was born out of a desire to re-enter the workforce in a much more rewarding career with more flexibility and have a more direct impact on people's lives - a rebirth.

And the colors? Well, those will be changing to match my decor inside the studio. The short story is that I really like purple and grey and mauve seemed to go well with both. As I have proceeded down the path to getting the studio opened, I'm sure many things will change and evolve, but for now I think I'm off to a good start.