The Perfect Yoga Class

You arrive a bit early to settle in. You enter the warm room, lay down and close your eyes. You hear music and people begin to file in. Laughter and friends surround you with the swoosh of mats hitting the floor. The Guide comes in, turns off the music and begins. Your Guide instructs you to leave the world outside behind, to concentrate on your breath, to escape, to center and set your intention. You begin to move slowly until your hips are a bit open, your back is warm and your core is awakened. You begin to flow- a dreamy, wavy flow. You don't have to think, your Guide cues you, but you move with your breath. The music gets louder, you are challenged, strengthened, stretched and twisted. You begin to come alive. You hear your breath and the beat of the music in your head as your body moves. You take every pose in, truly feel it. Dynamic energy flows from the top of your head to your fingertips and toes and back again. Your Guide softly touches you, moves you one step closer to the edge and your body responds with a sigh. Just when you think that you cannot take another breath, that you cannot take another second of holding, you are released. Your cheeks blush red, your heart beats faster, you feel charged, strong and powerful. The music and lights lower. Your muscles relax, you feel emotions release, the head chatter is gone. Your Guide invites you to rest. You loosen your jaw, your shoulders, as your head sinks into the mat. You exhale the day, inhale a new beginning. You slowly let the ohm resonate through your chest, rise up and connect with the others echoing through the room. You bow in absolute gratitude. You have found peace, if only for an hour.