Perceptions are Reality

In life, our perceptions color our reality. Everyday and in everything we do. We have an initial reaction to something and pre-conceived notions about it immediately. This is hard-wired into our brains and it's how we look for patterns in the world around us. Without patterns, we would need to relearn things over and over each day. On it's face, to say that everyone has perceptions (that may be entirely false) about things or people, sounds like a bad thing. It sounds like something that we need to work on and transcend somehow. But we are all human and this is how we work. Perceptions shape who we are, how we learn to react to things, how we act. In essence, our perceptions create our reality. The key is to recognize that everything is always seen through the individual, unique colored lenses that we each wear and to respect and honor that THAT is what makes up reality.