Student Blog Post: 30-Days of Yoga!

Anne Weisgerber started at Tula about a year ago and there is not often that a few days go by without us seeing her. Not only did Anne start coming to Tula on a regular basis, but she also brought a group of her amazing mom friends with her! 

Anne and her group of friends make me especially proud of Tula and the community here because one of original intentions with Tula was that it would be a great place for moms (like myself) to practice. I know that it is a hard thing to make time for yoga for anyone and especially difficult when you are raising children, working, and juggling all these responsibilities of life. But I also know that by making this time for yourself, you become a better care-taker to those around you and the benefits reach well beyond your mat. 

I am so proud of Anne for not only making yoga a priority in her life, but completing 30 straight days of yoga! Here is her story:

30 Days of Yoga

by Anne Weisgerber

I started going to Tula regularly in January of 2013 after a broken ankle from a hot air balloon crash left me seeking strength, physically and emotionally.  That month, I saw yogis working their way through the experience of their 30-day challenge.  I knew immediately that I needed to do the challenge the next time it was available.

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My personal goals for the challenge were to learn to allow myself breaks during my physical practice, to journal daily about the experience, to get up into handstand, to try new things without fear, and to release myself to the experience.  I knew that it was going to be a powerful experience, but didn’t know how life altering it would be.  

I find that now I need to practice daily.  In the same way that I need to eat and sleep, I need to practice yoga.  I practice best in a place where I feel at home and am surrounded by the energy of others engaging in their practice as well.  So, I find myself at Tula nearly daily now.  

When I’m away from my mat, I still find the lessons that I have learned through my practice running through my mind.  I remember to have fun while seeking connection with others.  I’m making choices by listening to my body, my heart, and my mind.  I remember that my breath is essential and that I am good enough as I am in this moment.  I’m cultivating my own happiness and then send that out to others.  Sometimes I’m fierce and strong, other times I’m calm and centered.  

I’m getting better at allowing myself to take a break in Balasana (child's pose).  Some days I can get into handstand.  I continue to try new things.  If you’ve taken class with me, you’ve probably heard me fall out of a new pose I’m trying.

The 30-day challenge gave me space to begin to find my true self.  It is incredible to be on that journey and I couldn’t ask for a better space to do it in or people to do it with.