Cassi Stuckman

This is the first on a series of posts that I will write about the amazing team members at Tula. How they came to Tula, what their classes are like and what they like to do when they are not teaching. I must tell you upfront that this is all from my perspective and the teachers themselves had no input into what I'm about to say -

First on the list, Miss Cassi Stuckman. 

Cassi was the only teacher that I hired when I opened the studio that was not recommended to me nor had I taken any of her classes. She called me (on my cell phone) before the studio was opened and inquired about a teaching position. She said that she had just moved here from Kansas and was looking for a 'home' studio. I saw that she had training in Kids yoga, so I took a chance and put her on the schedule immediately. 


I met her for the first time at the Logan Square Farmer's Market. She walked up to Tula's booth in overalls with her English bulldog, Floyd, in tow. I thought, wow, she really is from Kansas! 

Cassi and her friends attended Tula's Opening party and she lead the first class that I took at Tula! I could tell that she was new and a bit nervous, but she lead a solid class and I knew that she would grow. When I attended her first 'Family Yoga' class at Tula, I knew she was really something special. Her energy, her passion, and her playfulness shined right through and the kids loved her. I was very impressed. 

Like I anticipated, Cassi has grown over the last few years and is now a confident, highly skilled teacher and leads some of the best, most energetic classes (both for big and little people). She is a determined and bright young woman. When my husband offered to help the teachers set up their personal websites, she was the first one there and has been blogging ever since. She knows how to market herself, takes a ton of pictures (I think she might be behind or in front of the camera in just about every picture I have at Tula) and is not afraid to take chances on her crazy ideas for workshops, etc. Her classes are filled with music, playfulness and Heart. She has a easy-going quality to her classes that makes you feel like you are taking a yoga class from your best friend in your living room (rather than at a public studio in a room of mostly strangers). Her 'spiritual' side is rooted in midwestern practicality - just the way I like it. She is messy - leaves her stuff all over the studio and is often known to fall fast asleep in savasana, but this all just contributes to her lovable charm. She has contributed so much to the studio, from working the front desk, cleaning the bathroom, to helping promote/market the studio at various events. She is basically up for anything - from doing birthday parties for 15 screaming 4-year-olds or teaching yoga to kids in the rain at an outdoor event and I know that's because she loves Tula about as much as I do.

Cassi Yoga-butterfly.jpg

When I think back to why it was that I took a chance on her, sight unseen, I realize that maybe something bigger was at play when I decided to hire her. I don't know what I would do without her.

She was always meant to be here. 

Cassi lives with her boyfriend, Scott, in Rogers Park (why does she live so far way!?) and her beloved bulldog, Floyd.

Check out her website at for her full schedule and blogging fun.