Amanda Brizic

I met Amanda when I attended a early morning class at a small studio near here. I was the only person that showed up that morning and Amanda seemed to take it in stride. That morning, somehow, Amanda convinced me that I could stand on my head in the middle of the room - something that I had never done before (and rarely since). 

Okay, let's back up....... when I say 'convinced' I basically mean she said something like 'let's do a headstand' - I said 'I usually do them at the wall' - she said 'let's do it in the middle of the room - I'll help you" and that was that. I did it. After class, I gave her my card and told about the soon-to-be Tula Yoga Studio. 

Amanda is not quiet. She is outspoken and confident, always serious (with a smile) and unwaveringly believes in the power of yoga. She believes that anyone can do yoga, everyone can do things they think they can't do and she's unapologetically tough. Her classes are filled with laughter and lots of challenge, but you always walk away with a smile. She is clear, easy to understand, easy to follow and has some the most well thought-out and detailed descriptions of poses that I have ever encountered. She makes you believe in yoga and believe in yourself and that's a rare thing. She has contributed so much to our community, it's impossible to list. She worked as an assistant manager for 2 years and has literally put blood (stepping on a tack) sweat and tears into this space. She is loyal, super-reliable and always willing to help out where needed. 

Oh, and she can bend - boy, can she bend. I think sometimes that she doesn't have a spine (in the very literal sense). The picture to the left is one that Andrew uses for an ad for Tula Software and it gets more clicks than any of his other pictures, simply because it is pretty amazing. 

Amanda is simply amazing and I am grateful everyday that she s part of the Tula family. 

Amanda lives in Andersonville in a beautiful sun-drenched apartment. She loves yoga and is also an avid runner. 

You can catch her at Tula on Mondays at 9am & 5:30pm, Fridays at 10am and Happy Hour Yoga at 6pm and Saturdays at 3pm (Vin & Yin Class). She also teaches at other studios and gyms around the city.